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サンディエゴ(San Diego)の友達の家に遊びに行きました。

懸賞 2011年 02月 27日 懸賞

To begin with, let me show you the picuture of a beach in San Diego in this season.

Did you know 2/21 was a minor National Holiday, called President Day?
Here in the US, not all companies and schools considered it a National Holiday that they should close the office on.
So, my company was closed on 2/21, but many other companies were not off on that day.

Anyway, because of the holiday, I went to San Diego on a 3-day-trip to visit my friend who just moved from Michigan there in November.
Her husband was on a business trip , it was as ladies hanging out! My friend really took good care of me . Thank you(*^_^*)
Let me tell you about the small trip.

She told me it had been rainy the day before I had got there. On the opposite end of it, it was very sunny every day I stayed there.
I've loved San Diego since I had gone there in January 2010. Su-san thinks it would be good to live there when he retires.

b0127870_4163097.jpg彼女の住んでるアパートはサンディエゴのダウンタウンの中。 なんとまあ、いま風のかっこいい部屋で。。
良く働くし賢い子だからだな、さすがだなー。 感動もしたし、羨ましくも思いました。
Her apartment was in downtown San Diego. What a very modern cool room it was!!
She and her husband are hard worker and smart so only they could have done it! I was impress and envy her.

ブランチを食べに、「ホテル デル コロナド」というコロナド島にある高級ホテルに行きました。コロナド島にいくには、写真のコロナドブリッジを渡って行きます。彼女の家から車でホテルまで20分ぐらいです
To get brunch, we went to a fancy hotel named Hotel del Coronado in Coronado island. To get Coronado island , we went over the Coronado Bridge in the picture.It took about 20 minutes by car from where she lived to the hotel.


Because the hotel Sunday brunch buffet is well-known as "Best Brunch in San Diego", she took me there.
She also had never been there before, so we were excited to have lunch there.
The moment we saw the price of the buffet, we hesitated whether or not we have it... It was very expensive.haha
But we decided to go anyway because it was only time to have it in our life.(^_^;)

Anyway, the fancy brunch was VERY good. It was included alcohol actually. We didn’t have much alcohol so much though.
I was soooooo full and felt like bursting .

After that, we went to various beaches to walk her dog.
This is a picture of "Dog Beach" which we can let dogs play without leashes.

Coming back to downtown, we walked for about one hour around harbor area near there.
b0127870_421339.jpgこれはそのぶらぶらの途中で見たUSS Midwayという船です。
This is the picture of USS midway that I found while walking.

She dropped by the Japanese grocery store for me. There are some in Michigan as you know, but San Diego's were much bigger and had more varieties of food.
I got some food as if I had gone back to Japan.(^_^;)

When we were back at her apartment, even though the clock pointed to 8 pm, we did NOT feel hungry at all because we had eaten lots of food at the buffet.
However, "Here is San Diego!! I gotta have good food that I don't find in Michigan."
So, we went to downtown again and ate delicious Sushi. hahaha (+o+)

In the morning on the day I got back to Michigan , we went to“ Old Town”
We didn't expected so much there, but it seemed to be fun.
Because I didn't have enough time to sightsee there, I will come over again. (Am I making an excuse on purpose to come to San Diego?)

Lucky, I was supposed to take a connection to Detroit via Atlanta, but for some reason, my flight was changed to a direct flight to Detroit for free with first class!!
I was VERY Lucky and happy

そして。。。。飛行機がデトロイトに着陸して、ミシガンがめちゃ雪が降ってると気付く。。。。 さみし。。。(;一_一)
And…..right after the place landed at Deroit,I figured out Michigan was very snowy........... Sad…….. (;一_一)

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懸賞 2011年 02月 20日 懸賞

I have many opportunities to use English at work, but I sometimes half-listen. I should always listen carefully, but it’s very hard and sometimes troublesome with my English ability.
I end up giving up trying to understand them.

At lunch time, my colleagues often teach me English slang. They sometimes use bad slang on purpose because they poke fun at me.
I wish I could respond them with a witty joke…

I’m also teaching a bit of Japanese to my colleagues who sit around me. Their favorite Japanese expression are
「お腹ぺこぺこ」“Onaka Peko Peko = I’m starving.”
「ちょっといい?」 “Chotto Ii? = Do you have a minute?”
「気にしないで」“Kini- Shinaide= Never mind”
「いい加減にして!」“Ii Kagen ni Shite = Give me a break /You're killing me … like that.

I’m wondering if it’s okay I teach them such words..

by pondeyo | 2011-02-20 04:56 | 学校・英語


懸賞 2011年 02月 16日 懸賞

Let me talk to you today about the food in America. This is just my opinion, so not everybody will agree with me .

When I was in Japan and I had already known that I would relocate to Michigan, I was worried about whether American food would okay in terms of the taste. Not only me, but also my friends and family had the same concerns. As people who live in Japan already think, the food in America is greasy, too sweet and it does not taste so good.

ここに来てすぐ、 ミシガンでの食べ物が全くもって悪くないと思いました。というか、美味しいです。(もちろん、レストランによるけど。。。でもそれはどこの国でもで同じことだし)
As soon as I got here, I found that the food in Michigan was not really all that bad. It was actually delicious. (of course it depends on the restaurant, but this would be true any countories.)
There were many kinds of restaurants here. Not only American restaurants, but also Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and of course many Chinese and Mexican restaurants.
The place I live in was not city side. It is a suburb. So, of course in the city side like NY and Chicago, there are much more restaurants than Michigan has.

All of them had good food. Plus, none of them were expensive. Some of the restaurants might’ve been expensive, but they all had reasonably priced and big food portions lunch menus.
If I had to complain about any of them, I would say that the Japanese restaurants were expensive and they did not serve very good food (for typical Japanese people. They are probably good for American., aren’t they? ).

Even American food such as hamburgers and sandwiches were good compare with the ones in Japan as typical American food .

I went to a bar with my lunch buddies for lunch. They ordered hamburgers . Of course the hamburgers were not typical fast food hamburgers . They were gourmet hamburgers.
They were huge and I could choose from a variety of toppings. And how I wanted the meat cooked.

My buddies taught me how to order , and they showed me how to eat it.
They could use the utensils very well to cut the hamburgers in half. If I had had it by myself , I would have destroyed the hamburger and it would have been messy.
Anyway it was very tasty.



Another day, Su-san and I went to an Italian restaurant that had just opened in November.
The restaurant used to be in downtown Detroit. The restaurant food and atmosphere was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good and the prices were very reasonable.

What I want to say is the food in America is nowhere near as bad as I thought I was.

I’m always looking forward to finding a new good restaurant.
That is my opinion about the food in Michigan.haha

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懸賞 2011年 02月 11日 懸賞

While Su-san was on a-week business trip to Japan, many friends came over to my house.
I had been busy recently and I had not seen my friends so much. I was very happy to be able to hang out with my friends.

One day, I could see my friend's baby who just born..

Another day, a friend of mine stayed my at house and we were drinking a lot and chatting a lot..

The other day, I had a farewell party for my friend who go back to Japan in this month..

Because I have a job, I sometimes find it hard to see my friend in the day time. But I shouldn't say too much "I am busy". I will try to make time to see my friend as much as I can!

The picture is of the sweets that Su-san got in Japan!! So---- Happy♪

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懸賞 2011年 02月 05日 懸賞

My office was closed on Wednesday. It had actually been decided on Tuesday to close on Wednesday due to the snow storm.
This was because that weather had forecasted a huge blizzard on Wednesday. It seemed like a lot of companies made the same decision.

I didn’t feel happy even though I didn’t have to work because I was worried about the blizzard. One colleague told me that I would not only be lots of snow, but also be extremely windy. The wind could be possible to be a power outage.
I thought “What if there is a power outage and I am trapped in my cold apartment with no power….(>_<)”

And… When Wednesday finally got here. I looked out my window right after I woke up.
I found the snow had actually stopped and the storm wasn’t so bad. Of course ,it was snowy outside and the snow piled up high, but the weather forecast hyped up the storm.


So, I was working at home in the morning and went to the office after lunch. In the end, Wednesday turned out to be a pretty good day after all for me(*^_^*)

by pondeyo | 2011-02-05 22:13 | 気候

ペルー旅行(最終日:ナスカの地上絵)Trip to Peru :Nazca Line

懸賞 2011年 02月 02日 懸賞

On the final day, I went to see the Nazka Line riding with 12-people on a Cessna. It took 4 and half hours from Lima by car to get the Cessna airport. It was a long drive but I thought it was worth it to see.

I got to the Pisco airport and got on the Cessna . It took 40 minutes from Picso to Nazca by a Cessna, and we were able to fly over the Nazka line for 30 minutes, and then it took us 40 minutes to fly back to Pisco. It was total about a 2-hour trip.

There seemed to be many ways to go to the Nazka Line. Although the time seeing Nazca itself was around 30-40 minutes, a couple of flights from a couple of places(From Lima, from Nazka itself , from Ika, and from Pisco) took us to the same view places of the Nazca Line.
You can choose the place considering your budget and your free time which tour you should choose.

Before I got on the plane, the guide gave me the drawings of map for the Nazca Line.

写真がはっきりしなくてごめんなさい。。でも 驚きでした。
These are pictures, sorry they are not clear….. That was amazing!
As you know, the Nazca Lines are huge drawings of animals and others. I could tell by the map my guide gave me where we could see the next drawing in order.
Of course, the Cessna's pilot explained to us which drawing we could see now.
Some people felt sick during the Cessna ride , but I believe everybody could enjoy themselves on the Nazka trip!

After this trip, the guide took me to a restaurant for lunch in Pracas city which is close to a beach.

b0127870_2228767.jpgこのご飯もおいしかった。 特にセヴィッチェという魚の酢でマリネしたものが美味しかったなあ。
The food was also tasty. Especially the fish marinated in vinegar called "Ceviche" was good for me.
These picuture are of the Ceviche and "Inka Cola" that many Peruvians always have.


After the lunch, I returned back to Lima and it took a 4-hour drive as well. That was the final time riding a car in Peru for me.

The time I got to the Lima airport was around 7pm, but the time of my return back flight to the US was actually around 1 am.. (This was the only flight back to Atlanta. It cant be helped though...)
I didn't do anything at Lima airport because it was not so exciting airport...... so-- slow.
You might as well think about your schedule for the final day , if you have a chance to go to Peru.
But,,,,,,guess what !guess what!? My flight was overbooked, so fortunately, I was able to get a first class seat! Yey!

Anyway, it was on amazing trip for me even though I had trouble on the first and second days. You might need lots of physical power to go there. It depends on the schedule I think.

The private tour was very good. I want to say to my travel agency (IACE) “Thank you” for recommending it,
It was actually a bit cheaper than the group tour in the brochure even private tour.

Thank you for reading whole stories of my Peru trip.

by pondeyo | 2011-02-02 22:29 | 旅行/ペルー