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懸賞 2010年 09月 30日 懸賞

After sightseeing at Grand Teton, I moved to downtown Jackson Hole. It took 40 minutes from Grand Teton, and 20 minutes from the airport.

The downtown was small, so you could so around all of them in 2 hours.
We just went to a bar and a restaurant. We wanted to have a party there because it was the final night of our trip, but we were a bit tired, so just had dinner.

私たちが泊ったロッジは高くなかったので、大したことないだろうなと思っていたところ、ところがどっこい、すごい良かった!広いし、きれいだし、スタッフのサービスもいいし、バスタブもありました( ^)o(^ )
Most of the hotels in Jackson Hole were expensive because Jackson Hole is completely a tourist town.
The Lodge we stayed in was not expensive, so I didn’t expect the lodge to be comfortable. However , It was pretty good! It had enough space in it to stay ,clean , and we got good service from the staff, and the rooms had bath-tabs.( ^)o(^ )


期待したほどの動物は見れず。。でも熊を見た!! 野生の熊を見るのは初めてだなあ。
I’m going to change the topic , let me show you the animal pictures that we saw during this trip.
We couldn’t see as many animals as we had expected, but I saw a bear! It was my first time to see a wild bear…


The pictures are of an elk and buffalos. There were lots of buffalos there.


I recommend you to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton as I recommended you to go to the other National Park I went to.
If you go there, this is my recommendation plan.
Arrive at Jackson Hole by 2pm and go to Yellowstone. You should stay 2 nights at Yellowstone in a different area, 1 night in Grand Teton, and 1 night in Jackson Hole.
You should not stay so long at Jackson Hole in the final day, so you should have a flight in the morning from Jackson.

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懸賞 2010年 09月 27日 懸賞

The 4th day, we went a sightseeing at Grand Teton all day long.
The best part about Grand Teton was definitely “The excellent mountain view”! A friend of mine told me that Yellowstone is said to be “Active” and “Grand Teton is said to be “Silent ”. I understood what she had said.

The Mountain View with lakes that Grand Teton had was fabulous. Like a Canadian Rocky! I have never been there though, haha.(;一_一)

First, we walked around the small trekking course for 30 minutes for the morning exercise at Colter Bay area.

There are some inspirational areas at Grand Teton.

b0127870_3132414.jpg豪華ホテル、ジャクソンレイクロッジでランチしました。ここに泊りたかったなあ。。 ロビーの窓から素晴らしい景色が見れます。
We had lunch at Jackson Lake Lodge, which was a luxury hotel. I wanted to stay there… We could seea great view form he lobby window.

At Jenny Lake area, we tried to climb one of the 1-mile mountain courses. We first I went to the beginning at the starting point using a shuttle boat.

The trekking was kind of tough, but when I reached the top, view was beautiful!

You might not know about Grand Teton so much. I didn’t know about it either.
It was great National Park. I believe it is worth seeing!

We left at Grand Teton after most of the sightseeing at Grand Teton, and we headed to Jackson Hole down town where took 30 minutes by car.
In the next entry, let me tell you about the Jackson Hole downtown that we stayed in on the final day. Also, I will tell you about the animals we could see on the trip.
To be continued.

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懸賞 2010年 09月 23日 懸賞

b0127870_19341117.jpg3日目の午前中は“石灰テラス”で有名な、マンモス ホット スプリングスエリアを見て回りました。
The 3rd day in the morning, we went around the Mammoth Hot Springs area that had many “Terraces made of lime” .
They had mysterious. Amazing! Also, hot springs were still erupting in many places , so I felt the power of the living earth.

These are more pictures of them.




Yellowstone National Park had many must-see sights. Each area had a different specialty.

マンモス ホット スプリングスエリアの後は、レイクエリアに寄りながら、イエローすとーーんを離れ、夕方5時ごろに、グランドティトン国立公園に着きました。イエローストーンとグランドティトンは隣同士にあります。隣同士と言っても、イエローストーンが巨大な公園なので。イエローの端からグランドティトンは2時間ぐらいかかります。
After the Mammoth Hot Sprongs area, we dropped by Lake area, and then we left Yellowstone and got to Grand Teton National Park at about 5 pm. Yellowstone and Grand Teton are located next to each other. Yellowstone was huge ,so even though they were “Next to each other”, it might have taken 2 hours by car from the end of Yellowstone to Grand Teton though.

2 nights in a before we had arrived at Grand Teton, we had good a dinner in each of the restaurants, so the dinner on 3rd day was the food we got at a general store in Grand Teton.
Because the cabin we stayed in, “Colter Bay Cabin” ,had a good guest room, we could brought the food there and had dinner in relaxed mood.

Colter Bay Cabin was very comfortable for us because it had enough space for staying in. The room we stayed in didn’t have a bath-tub either though…

I will tell you about Grand Teton in the next entry! To be continued..

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懸賞 2010年 09月 20日 懸賞

The 2nd day, after we had breakfast (which was food we had gotten in a general store in Old Faithful Area) , we moved to a Canyon area in the morning, which had many great canyons and falls.
Most of the colors of the canyon were so-called “Yellow”. That was why it was called “Yellowstone” .


There were many trekking courses where we were able to get close to the falls.

About 3 pm , we left the Canyon area, and we went to the Mammoth Hot Spring area. The hotel we stayed in the second day was the cabin of Mammoth Hot Springs hotel. The Room of the cabin was so so .. It was not big and there was no bathtub… haha

At about 5 pm, it was rainy and started to snow as the weather had been forecast(+o+) But, it was okay for us because all of the sightseeing for that day was already done… I was happy for it not to be rainy and snowy in a day time.

The dinner we had on the second day was at the Mammoth Hot Springs restaurant. You could not made a reservation for this restaurant beforehand (First come first served) , so we waited for it for 45 minutes and got a seat.
The taste was very good. The guidebook I had said the restaurant was the best in Yellowstone National Park!
To be continued.

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懸賞 2010年 09月 19日 懸賞

On Labor day weekend, my family came over to Michigan, so we went on a 5-day trip to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.
I’m focusing on going to National Parks this year, so it was one of planned places in the collection of parks that I wanted to visit.

旅行前に天気予報をチェックすると、旅行中の殆どの日の天気が悪い。。最悪や。特にある1日はなんと雪マーク!! 「雪って?なんでなん??」
Before this trip, when I had checked the weather forecast, most of the days I would be there had bad bad weather… OMG!!! Especially, one of the days was “SNOW”!!! What????!!

Anyway, we landed at Jackson Hole Airport with a layover Salt Lake city. It took 5 hours including layover.
Jackson Hole Airport was inside Grand Teton National Park , so the airport was completely made for the tourist of Grand Teton and Yellowstone.
After we got to the airport about at 1pm, we headed to Yellowstone where took 2 hours by car.
On the way to Yellowstone, we passed by the entrance of Grand Teton National Park. The entrance fee of both parks was $25 per car.

Yellowstone National Park was huge, so you couldn’t go around the entire park in one day.
When we got to Yellowstone, we first went to the Old Faithful area , which had many geysers.
The main geyser there was Old Faithful Geyser. It came out of the hot spring about every 1 hour. Right after we arrived there, the hot spring exploded! Lucky!!

This is the picture of people who were waiting for the hot spring exploded.

After looking at that, we hiked the geyser trek course for 1 hour and a half.
There were so many geysers there. Actually, after we saw the first 3 geysers, my interest for geysers had diminished. Hahaha.  I’m wondering if Yellowstone area erupts some day because they had lots of geysers!


There were many hot springs called “Pools ” on the trek. The color of them was amazing. It was very beautiful.


The hotel we stayed in the first day was “Old Faithful Inn” ,which was the most popular in Yellowstone. It was actually the biggest log cabin in the world. Therefore, you might have to make a reservation a half a year before if you want to stay. As for me, yes, I booked the reservation at the end of last year. Hahaha

b0127870_7491968.jpgThe picture is of the lobby. It was excellent.

The room we stayed in was not so big though.


ということで、旅行1日目、楽しかったです。 <続く>
We had dinner in the restaurant in the hotel. We needed a reservation for the restaurant too. Actually, the taste of the dinner was so so though.
Anyway, the 1st day of this trip was great for me!

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2010年 初ランニングレース

懸賞 2010年 09月 13日 懸賞

Finally, I participated I the marathon which was the first one this year. I wanna say first, my running was worst. It was all my fault.
It was not organized, a shortage of training, and so on….

出場したのは「クリムフェスティバル 10マイル(16キロ)」 家から1時間車で行ったフリントという町で開催されました。去年も同じレースに出たんだけど、そんなに覚えてない。
It was called ”Crim Festival 10 mile(16km) run”. It was held in Flint which took 1hour by car from my house. I had participated in the race last year too, but I didn’t remember it so much
My colleague who rand with me told me that there had been many ups and downs in the course, but I didn’t remember…

As soon as I started to run, probably about a half mile after I started, I recognized I was in a bad condition. I realized that I should have run more slowly after I’d thought about it.
However, I had pride as 10-year runner, I couldn’t slowdown the pace.
After that, at about the 5 mile point, the hilly course started…
That was kind of rough. I wanted to avoid any troubles.
I changed music to only my favorite songs with IPOD and got water whenever I reached the water point.

I always run slow first and last two miles I do the last sprint, but this time, I couldn’t do the sprint to the finishing line and barely reached my goal…Right after I reached my goal, I got a cramp in my leg(+o+)
My final time was 5 minutes later hat I’d expected.
I should have trained more and thought more about preparing for the race.

ゴール地点では飲み物食べ物用意されてました(殆どのマラソンではこんな風に用意されてます) かろうじてゴールしたとはいえ、3杯スポーツドリンク飲んで、リンゴとバナナ食べて、アイスクリーム食べて。。。あと、無料のピザも食べるべきだったよー。 食欲だけは旺盛なのでした。
At the goal point, there were some drinks and food(That is common in any running race). Even though I barely got a goal, I had three cups of sports drink, an apple, a banana and some ice-cream!! I should have had free pizza too!! I had just a good appetite!!

My next marathon will be in October! That is a half marathon( about 13 miles/21km)!!
Do my best!

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フロリダオーランドの旅(最終回)ケネディ スペース センター

懸賞 2010年 09月 04日 懸賞

I went to Kennedy Space Center the day after I went to Universal Studio.
Actually, Su-san wanted to be an astronaut when he was kid ( He might still wants to be one) , so he looked really excited.


To be honest, I am not interested in anything related to a space, but I thought seeing NASA facility one time in my life would be worthwhile, so I went there.

The entrance fee was included with the bus tour. The tour took us to three facilities.
The first one of the tours was called “APOLLO/Saturn V Center ”. It had the launch platform for the rocket.

The second one was called “”LC-39 Observation Center” and It had many real rockets on display.

ツアー最後はインターナショナル ステーション センター で宇宙センターの内部が見れました。ロケットの工場もありました。
“International Spece Station Center”
We could see the inside of the space center, Also, There is the factory for making rockets there.

I came back to the hall in the main facility.
There is one ride that let you experience the launch. It was exciting for me.(We could not take pictures inside.)

その他にメインの施設では、宇宙飛行士だった人の体験談を聞く“アストロナウト エンカウンター(宇宙飛行士との出会い)”というイベントをしていました。
私がそれを聞こうと思って手を上げようとし他直前に、質問タイムが終わりました(+o+) ははは ごめーーん。

Also, in the main facility, it had an event to hear the story told by the former astronaut about his experience. The event’s name was “Astronaut Encounter”.
After he spoke, he asked everyone if they had any questions. Many people asked many questions. (That’s American!!)
I asked Su-san whether he had any questions or not. He said that he wanted to ask “ Do you think people could one day live on another star besides earth?? ”
Right before I tried to raise my hand to ask it, the time was up….(@_@;) Hahaha. Sorry----

今回のユニバーサルスタジオとケネディスペースセンターの旅行はリラックスできたなあ。 楽しかったです!!
Anyway, both Universal Studios and Kennedy Space Center relaxed me. It was a very good trip for me!

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