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フロリダオーランドの旅(その2)Islands of Adventure

懸賞 2010年 08月 31日 懸賞

ユニバーサルスタジオの後、アイランズ オブ アドベンチャーに移動しました。こっちの方がユニバーサルよりずっと混んでた。子供にはジェットコースター大人気と見た。
あと、6月にできたばっかりのハリーポッターをキャラクターにした乗り物"Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey"があって、これが影響しているに違いない。
After Universal Studios, I moved to "Islands of Adventure". It was much more crowded than Universal Studio. I believe that the roller coasters were more popular for kids.
Also, the new ride "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" just open in June, so it must have had an effect on all of the guests coming in.

ということで、アイランズ オブ アドベンチャーの乗り物紹介。
Anyway, Let me introduce the rides at Islands of Adventure!

アメージング アドベンチャー オブ スパイダーマン"
"The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man"
We got to ride and act like Spider man with 3-Dimagination.


“ハルク コースター” 
"The Incredible Hulk Coaster"
It was a scary Roller coaster. My cap flew off while I rode it....

"Popeye & Bluto’s Blige-Rat Barges"
You will get soaked completely. I felt like I’d had water poured over my head with a bucket.

“ジュラシックパーク リバー アドベンチャー” 
"Jurassic Park River Adventure"
Last part was a rapid flow coaster, so we also got wet on this one.

" Dragon Challenge"
Two roller coasters that start at the same time. Sometimes it seemed like our coasters were going to crash into each other. That was fun!!

b0127870_1162687.jpgハリーポッター アンド フォービトゥン ジャーニー
これはホントに面白い!アイランズ オブ アドベンチャーでは、これだけエキスプレスパスが使えなかったので、1時間並んだけど、1時間待つ価値あり。 3-D イメージの中を回る乗り物です。
"Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey"
It was REALLY fun! Because I couldn't use the Express pass for this one only, I had to wait for one hour to ride it, but it was worthwhile for 1-hour wait. It was ride with Imagination world.

"Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls"
Roller coaster also had a lot of water..... I was soaked e completely again....

"The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad Stunt Show"
Stunt show. It was so so---.

ところで、ユニバーサルスタジオとアイランズ オブ アドベンチャーの間に「ハードロックカフェ」と「NBAシティ」という人気のレストランがあります。
By the way, there are two popular restaurants , as you know "Hard Rock Cafe " and "NBA City" between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.
The NBA City had the "Happy Hour" from 4pm to 7pm , which meant half price beer , wine, and margarita. I went there just at 4pm to take a break. I got 2 glasses of the beer!! only $2.25 per glass!

After I got on the final ride, it was already around 9pm... I was exhausted... but I could try all of the rides that I wanted to get on.

もしユニバーサルスタジオフロリダを満喫する時間がない人は、1日で両方のパークを回れるチケットと、エキスプレス プラス パスを買うことをおススメします。エキスプレス プラス パスにお金を払うのがもったいないと思うかもしれないけど、忙しい人にとっては、時間をお金で買うのは無駄使いじゃないと思います。
If you don’t have enough time to go around Universals Studio in Florida, I recommend you to get a 1day 2 parks and an Express Plus Pass for Island of adventure. You might think
that paying the money for the Express Plus Pass is a waste, but I believe for busy people, spending money for getting time is not wasteful .

翌日は、NASAの施設 ケネディ スペース センターに行きました。(続く)
Next day, I went to the Nasa Kennedy Space Center! To be continued.

by pondeyo | 2010-08-31 11:09 | 旅行/フロリダ

フロリダオーランドの旅(その1)ユニバーサルスタジオ フロリダ UniversalStudio

懸賞 2010年 08月 29日 懸賞

I went to Universal Studios Florida this month. It was only a weekend trip with a demanding schedule, so I left Michigan after work on Friday and came back here on Sunday night.


Because Florida was so hot in summer and people didn't want to go there, the flight fee in summer was really cheap. Including the hotel, the flight and the rental car, it was only $380 per person.

We stayed at the Double Tree hotel was about a 10-minute walk from Universal Studios. The hotel had a shuttle bus (that only ran 3 times a day) , and even when using a taxi, you only had to pay 5 dollars to Universal Studios though.

ユニバーサルスタジオは2つのテーマパークがあって、1つはその名の通り“ユニバーサルスタジオ”、もう1つが、ジェットコースターがたくさんある “アイランズ・オブ・アドベンチャー”
Universal studio in Florida has a two theme parts. One of them is ,as the name suggests, "Universal Studios", and the other is "Islands of Adventure" which has many roller coasters.

私の今回の旅行のスケジュールからお分かりだと思うけど、今回の旅行では遊びまわる時間がそんなにないので、“one day for two parks“ (1日に両方のテーマパークを行き来できる)チケットと、”Express Plus Pass“(人気の乗り物に長い列ができてても、列をスキップして前に行ける)を買いました。Express Plus Passは、日によって違うけど、結構高いです。
As you can tell by my schedule, I didn't have enough time to hang out during this trip. so I bought the ticket for one day for two parks( We could go to both parks on the same day) ,and I also got an Express Plus Pass, which was a pass that allowed us to go to the front of the line even if it was long. Express Plus Pass was a bit expensive. The cost depends on the season though.

開園後すぐまずユニバーサルスタジオに行きました。 そんなに人はいっぱいいなかった。
I went Universal Studios first as soon as it opened. There were not so many people.
Let me introduce the rides at Universal Studios!

初めに去年できたばっかりの" Rip Ride Rockit"へ!ロックミュージックを聞き乗るジェットコースター。
The ride I first tried was " Rip Ride Rockit" that was just built last year. It was a roller coaster that played rock music while riding. Only on this ride, we could NOT use Express Plus Pass.
Since it was my first ride, I felt veryyyy scared of this coaster.

"The Simpsons Ride"
It was the ride with 3-D. It was more fun than I expected!

I also rode the following rides, but please refer to the blog for the explanation.

b0127870_431067.jpg"MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack" (これに乗ってるとき、自分が何していいかよくわからなかったので、そんなにおもしろくなかった。。。(@_@;)
"MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack"( I didn’t know what I should do on this ride, so it was not so fun….)

"Jaws" Get on left side if possible. You can see more Jaws come up if you can get on the left side.

"Disaster!" いろんな意味でおもしろい!地下鉄内での地震体験ができます
"Disaster!" Interesting for several reasons! You can have an experience for big earthquake a subway.

"TWISTER… Ride It Out." 竜巻体験ができます。
"TWISTER… Ride It Out." You can have Tornado’s experience.

b0127870_442077.jpg"Revenge of the Mummy" 暗い室内を走るジェットコースター、でもそんなに怖くないし、とても短かった。写真は入口にいたMummyと。
"Revenge of the Mummy" (That was an inside roller coaster in a dark place, but not so scary and really short)

The picture was the lunch I had. That was kinda Chinese... so so good.

ということで、次のブログでは“アイランズ オブ アドベンチャー Islands of Adventure”のご紹介をしまっす。
Like I said , since the Universal Studios was not crowded and I got an Express Plus Pass, I could go around all of the rides I wanted to get on by 1am.
I will let you know about “Islands of Adventure” at the next blog.
To be continued.

by pondeyo | 2010-08-29 04:01 | 旅行/フロリダ

新しいスーツケース New suitcase

懸賞 2010年 08月 23日 懸賞

On the day Su-san came back from a business trip, I picked him up at the airport.
Once I saw him, he said his suitcase had been broken by a careless handler while flying.
The wheeling was off, one part had gotten dented and a bit had torn.
I told him to file a claim at the office and he went there.


When I saw him next, he had two suitcases(@_@;). The right hand had the old one,and the left hand had the new one!
The picture is of the new one.

一番大切なことは問題に気付いた時にすぐに行動に移すことだな( ^)o(^ )
After he explained what had happened and showed the damage to the officers at the baggage claim, they gave him the new one immediately! I burst out laughing.
The most important thins was to move into action when we recognized the problem ( ^)o(^ )

by pondeyo | 2010-08-23 19:48 | 家・生活

オハイオ刑務所ツアー Prison tour in Ohio

懸賞 2010年 08月 17日 懸賞

オハイオの刑務所ツアーに行ってきました(@_@;) 行ったところはこのWEBのところ。車で3時間ぐらいでした。

I went on a prison tour in Ohio(@_@;). You can see the place I went to on this website. It took about 3 hours by car.

A friend of mine is interested in prisons for some reason , she is kind of prison tour addict. I am not like her , but I followed her this time just for the experience,

Where we went was actually the one from the movie called "The Shawshank Redemption "
This movie is one of my favorite movies. It is very an effective movie , so actually I watched it four times.


There are 2 facilities. One of them was the active prison, so we could see from far away many prisoners who had gone out during their break time .... We were not allowed to take pictures though.
Next to it was the one that had already closed and was being used for the tours. This one was actually used for the movies.

When we arrived there, there was a long line for purchasing the tour ticket.

ツアーは3つで“西棟ツアー”, “東棟ツアー” “ハリウッドツアー”.
わたし的にはハリウッドツアーが 一番だと思う。映画で使われたところを紹介するだけでなくほかの施設も見せてくれました。
There are three tours “The West building tour”, “East building tour” and “Hollywood tour”.
. I think the" Hollywood Tour" was the best because we could be introduced not only to the facilities that were used for the movie, but also other places.
Either way, let me show you about it using pictures.
I got a shiver up my spine while I saw each cell and the room used for solitary confinemet(+o+)



This picture is of a shower room.

The Hollywood tour took an hour and 40minutes! We had to go though a narrow space and steps , so take good shoes if you try to go!!
And don't forget to go there after watching the movie "The Shawshank Redemption " !

追記: 連れて行ってくれた友達によると、この刑務所は他のよりも怖くないそうです(@_@;)
PS: The friend who invited me told me, the prison was not as scary as the others....(@_@;)

by pondeyo | 2010-08-17 12:53 | 旅行/オハイオ


懸賞 2010年 08月 10日 懸賞

I’m running late in signing up for the marathon this year. I haven't participated in any marathon so far this year.
Before, I always signed up for the races in Ann Arbor in June, but I couldn't this year because I have a travel plan on the same day.
Anyway, I continue to run at least 5 days a week.

I’ve already registered for two marathons. One is in August and the other is in October.
I'm gonna join both races with my colleague who always ran with me before.
He is not only a running buddy, but also a golfing buddy.

10マイル(16キロ)の後に?!! 私その後、ゴルフ無理やわ。(10キロの後やったら可能かもしれんけど(;一_一))
The other day, he and I were talking in the company's dining room about the next race held at the end of August.
Surprisingly, he invited me to play golf after the race!!
It is a 10-mile race(16km)!! I can't play golf after running!!( I might be able to do after the 10km race though…(;一_一))

He said, " I played after race last year. The race will be finished by 10am, so the tee-time should be noon or so... "
He used to be a body builder. However, after he started to run and golf, he got addicted to them.
I am wondering if I can do it or not now...

Oh! You know what? I got a new driver and a new fairway wood! They were “Tytleist”.
I haven't had well-known brand drivers so far, so I hope it will work well for my golfing ability....

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懸賞 2010年 08月 04日 懸賞

私の運転免許、更新されました! 更新のことについて知らない日本人の皆さんに、3つの状況での免許更新の仕方を連絡します。
My driver’s license was renewed.
I wanna tell you about the three situations for Japanese people who don't know about it.

2つ目はSecretary of the States officeに直接行って更新。
Here are the three ways. You already know how to do it though,
The first way is by mail. Susan did that.
The Second one is in person which is to go to a Secretary of the States office.
The last one is a friend of mine did it in person too, but she had to go to a Social security office first because she doesn't have a SSN.

すーさんは更新の事前連絡の封書をを受け取ったので、Secretary of the States officeにその案内通知に入っていた書類と18ドルの小切手を送りました。2週間後郵送で新しい免許が届きました。もしこの方法で更新するなら、免許が送られてくるまでに2週間ぐらいかかるので誕生日の2週間前までに送っておくべきだと思います。
The first one, which is by mail, is pretty easy.
Susan got the notification mail. He sent an $18 check and some paperwork which was included with the notification to a Secretary of the States office.
After about 2 weeks, his new license was delivered by mail.
I think if you wanna do it this way, you should do it at least 2 weeks before of your birthday because it took about 2 weeks for the new license to be sent.

Only the people who had a SSN when they got the first license can get the notification mail.
When I got my driver’s license, I didn't have my SSN, so I didn't have any notification related to the renewal of the driver’s license .
On the other hand , when Su-san got his driver’s license, he already had had his SSN, so he could got the notification in the mail.

2つ目、すでにSSN番号をもっている人なら直接免許更新のオフィスに行く方法でも簡単、でもSecretary of the States officeはどの時間帯もかなり混んでいるので、更新してもらうまでに長い時間待たないといけないと思う。ちなみに私は30分並びました。
The second one, in person for the people who have a SSN is also easy, but we have to wait for a long time to be taken care of because the Secretary of the States office is crowded all the time.
For me, I was in line and waited for 30 minutes.
Once I got to the counter, the process to renew the license was only 5 minutes though.

What I needed are an old license , $18 and SSN card. If you forget the SSN card, if you can remember the number, you can fill in the number on the paperwork. Oh, you need to tell your weight and height using pound and feet.

After an officer checked over everything needed, I took my eyesight test and took a photo.
Then,I got a temporary license whose expiration date was one month later than my birthday.
The new license was delivered in 1 month.This picture is of the temporary license.

3つ目は、SSN番号を持っていない人の運転免許更新。 これはちょっとめんどくさい。
まずSocial security office(社会保険事務所)にいって、SSNなしでも更新ができますという証明書をもらいに行く必要があります。
それから、その証明書と18ドルと古い免許を持ってSecretary of the State officeに行きます。それから先の手続きは上記2つ目と同じ。
The last one is for the people who don't have SSN. It is a bit troublesome.
They need to go to a Social security office first to get the proof to be able to renew without a SSN.
After that, they go to the Secretary of the State office with the proof, the old license and $18.
The next procedure is the same as above.

Security of the Statesオフィスに関係するような手続きや公的書類のうんぬんかんぬんってめんどくさいやん?

I believe it is also possible to do it with Internet.
Anyway, I’m glad I was able to proceed with my renewal of my driver’s license.
All of the processes related to the Security of the States or some official documents are troublesome for people, right?

I finally got my new drivers license!


by pondeyo | 2010-08-04 11:11 | 家・生活