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栗拾い Pick chestnuts

懸賞 2009年 10月 28日 懸賞

I went to pick chestnuts at a farm with my colleague. Most Japanese might think that Kuri is called “Marron” in English( I thought so) , but the word “Marron” is not English. Also, American people don’t have chestnuts so much, in other word they might not know about chestnuts.

でもどういう訳かミシガンには栗農場があり( ^)o(^ )、行ってきました。
When I told my colleague about this chestnuts, they asked me “What is a chestnuts?”. As you can guess, there are no desserts that include chestnuts such as Montbrun in America.
However, there is one chestnut farm in Michigan for some reason, we visited it.
This is a picture of my colleague who was picking.

いがを軽く踏んだら、中から栗が出てきてそれを拾うというもの。 おもしろい!
As you know, chestnuts are covered with bur, so the farm lent groves to us.
After we stepped lightly on the bur, the chestnuts came out and we were able to pick them up. Interesting!


I could pick many of them. お手頃よね?
They costed three dollars per lb. That’s reasonable, is it?


We had fun picking them up, BUT we will never forget the work needed after that. To have chestnuts, we have to peel the skin. It is very troublesome to peel it, you know?
I saw my colleague I had gone there with two days later, and she said “I never want to peel chestnuts!!”
Of course, I also did the bothersome work to peel the chestnuts, but I was able to cooked many foods with chestnuts!

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デトロイトマラソン Detroit Free Press Marathon

懸賞 2009年 10月 24日 懸賞

I participated in the half marathon(13miles) named Detroit Free Press Marathon on Oct 18 with my colleagues. That is one of the popular ones in the US because the course is very interesting. The starting pointing was Downtown Detroit but we went to Canada through the bridge. After running in Canada for a while, we came back to Detroit using a tunnel.
The course map is here. That’s what I said “the course is very interesting.” Especially for Japanese, because Japan is an island country, so we cannot go to other countries by foot, can we?


b0127870_22102826.jpgLike I said, we went to Canada while running, so the runners had to go to Downtown Detroit the day before the race, and show their passports beforehand.
These pictures are of the atmosphere the day before the race.

The starting time was 7:30am and so many runners participate in it, so I left my house at 5:30 am because of avoiding traffic jam. I was too sleepy…
Wow! The total numbers of runners was more than 12000 people including Half marathon (8377 people) and Full marathon (3801people).

As you know Detroit city is pretty bad right now, and I could see many deserted buildings while running.
When it comes to going to Windsor in Canada, which is located across the river from Detroit, there were many beautiful houses there. It contrasted between both cities…

I was very tired because this was the longest distance marathon I have been in Michigan, but I did my best. My time was slower than I had expected though.
My ranking was 96 out of about 4000 females. Yey!
My colleague had a bit of a knee problem, so he finished about one hour later than me because he had to be careful with it. Good job!

After running, I dropped by the hamburger shop that had such big hamburgers, and then I ate good. I know that was greasy and unhealthy, but I was okay because I burned lots of calories!

The day after the race, we had to hear sad news about it. That was the fact that three runners had died during the race. I didn’t think they were beginner runners. I think that although I have been running for a long time, I always have to care about my body because running marathons is a very tough sport.

Either way, my race this year was finished. I will keep training for next year though.

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懸賞 2009年 10月 16日 懸賞


Peeling fruit skin is taken for granted for Japanese people, right? We might be able to eat many fruits with peelings for example apple though.
Of course some fruit definitely has to be peeled such as Bananas, pineapples and so on.
The reason I wanna talk about this topic is because American people normally eat lots of fruit with peelings on it.

One day, I had lunch with one of my colleague as usual in my offices cafeteria. At that time, I brought one pear in my lunch box.
I started to peel pear’s skin in front of my colleague.
When he saw it and said, ”Why are you peeling it?”
I said, ”Hur? That’s why this is a pear. I cannot eat it with the peelings. ”
He “What? All Japanese do that?”
I “Yes of course. Even grapes, we peel them ”
He “Come on!!!!!”
After that, a couple of colleagues near my table joined the conversation.
“Do you peel strawberry skin? How about cherries?”….Something like that.
( Excuse me. I don’t. think strawberries have skin though.)

Apparently, they not only don’t peel apples and pears, but also peaches, pears even kiwis.

They insisted
“ There is much nutrition in the peelings. I definitely have to have peelings.”
As far as I’m concerned, I’m afraid of eating the agricultural chemicals in the peelings…

Since that day, when they see me peel something in the companiy’s kitchen, they say
“ What a waste of nutritious peelings!”
I don’t care though.

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またまた送別会 -farewell party again

懸賞 2009年 10月 11日 懸賞

In November, another friend will go back to Japan for good, where her boy friend is waiting. She still has one month of American life left, the actual time she’s leaving is this month because she has a plan to go on a trip to Africa for a month before she leaves.

単独アフリカ旅行は私にはできぬ。。。。。。(私はリゾート志向(;O;) このアフリカ旅行と聞いてわかるように、彼女は勇敢で強くて優しい人です。
Traveling alone to Africa is not possible for me. ( I am a resort–trip-oriented person.) You can tell by the Africa trip that she is very brave, strong and gentle.

She really likes traveling, so she has gone on trips to many countries. I feel that most of the trips she has had has been wild.
For example, the countries she has visited so far are India, Peru, Cuba and so on. Especially Cuba, in which she went last year, does not have a border with the U.S, so she went there after she had gone to Mexico.

This picture is of her farewell party. Many ladies attended it. Actually, since her boyfriend visited here last month, we had another small party at that time, so this party was the second time for her farewell.

Either way, I am really SAD!

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懸賞 2009年 10月 05日 懸賞

I went on a business trip to Illinois last week and it was my first time. My company is a Japanese company, but the headquarter in the US is located there.
Actually, I transferred to the current department the week before last, and my responsibility was totally changed. This transfer is just to the next floor though.
The current work is similar to the one I was working in Japan. While I was working in the old division, I had wanted to move there because I thought I would be able to use my experience in Japan.

However, reality is not that simple. I can NOT understand a lot of the English my colleague say!!
The new job requires SO MUCH English and an advanced level of computer, and it also requires a lot of creativity and flexibility.
I feel full of anxiety and expect only a bit, but I decided that I must carry on. Everything is a good opportunity for me.
I somehow have to study English more.

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