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懸賞 2009年 09月 29日 懸賞

10月に、仲良しの友達が日本に帰ります。寂しい。。。。。。。。。 彼女と私は同じアパートに住んでいて、お互いの家にいつも行き来し、いろんなところに遊びに行って、ゴルフにもホントによく行って、私の愚痴までいつも聞いてくれてました。
In October, my close friend will go back to Japan for good, so I am so sad….. We live in the same apartment complex, so we often go over each other’s house, hang out somewhere, play golfing frequently. Also, she often listens to my venting.

Since the middle of September, I have had many farewell parties for her with different friends. This picture is of the foods for one of the parties the Saturday before last at my house.

I went to her other farewell party yesterday at our American friend’s house who is working as a preschool teacher. The American friend’s preschool website was created by her. She appreciated helping her great work. This picture is of the foods at the time.

I am supposed to participate in two more parties for her. I might cry the last day….

I always appear to be such an outgoing person, but I am sometimes not easy to deal with. Because of my personality, I’m really afraid of making another friend like her.

Not only her, but one more friend is also going back to Japan next month. She is so powerful. The entry about her will be written in this blog another time.

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4日目(最終日) セドナ→デトロイト

懸賞 2009年 09月 23日 懸賞

4日目 セドナ→デトロイト
Day 4: Sedona→Detroit

Sedona is well-known as a “Healing city” and one of the reasons it is called “Healing city” is because of “Vortex “
The original meaning “Vortex “ is the shape of something rotating, but Sedona’s vortex means like the birthplace of spiritual energy. This is because the power that emanates from the vortexes produces some of the most remarkable energy on the planet.

There are four main vortex places in Sedona, which were looked upon as holy places by Native Americans.
We went to two vortexes of them, one of them was Bell-Rock, the other was Airport rock.
To climb a Bell rock seemed to be hard and took more than 2 hours, so we tried to climb up to the halfway point of a mountain.

On the other hand Airport rock, which was smallest of the four, took less than 10 minutes to climb to the top. At the top of it, we could see a beautiful view.

People doing Tai Chi were there.

Let me tell you a bit about Sedona downtown. The superb view could be seen even from downtown.
Certainly, Sedona let me heal with the atmosphere. Sedona not only has an excellent view, but also many spa stores in downtown, so it seemed to be popular especially with women.

At about 2pm, we left at Phoenix airport where took about 2 hours from Sedona and got back to Detroit airport at about 10pm. (There is a 3-hour difference between Phoenix and Michigan.)
This trip totally relaxed me. I might to be a National park addicted! I will go on a trip in the U.S as much as I can while living in Michigan. A lot of money will be gone though……… Who knows!

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3日目 モニュメントバレー→セドナ (Day3)

懸賞 2009年 09月 21日 懸賞

3日目 モニュメントバレー→セドナ
Day 3: Monument Valley→Sedona

b0127870_11372959.jpg前のブログでも言いましたが、バルコニーからもモニュメントバレーが見えるホテルにともっていたので外に出なくても日の出を見ることができました。 ちょっと曇りがちで日の出はそんなにきれいに見えなかったけど。。

Like I said before, we stayed at the hotel where we could see the Monument Valley from the balcony, so we were able to see the sun rise without going outside. It was little a bit cloudy, so the sun-rise was not so good though.

We left at the hotel about 8am and started to go to Sedona. It took 4 hours by car.
The reason I dropped by Sedona on this trip was because a friend of mine who worked at the travel agency recommended me to go there. I was not sure about Sedona until this trip. My friends in Michigan hadn’t really gone there, so I only collected Sedona’s information from her and from the Internet.

セドナに近づくにつれ、大きくて赤い岩山が見えてきました・ その景色はなんとも雄大。セドナが「レッドロックカントリー」と言われているだけあります。私たちの予約していたホテルはセドナダウンタウンでしたが、そのダウンタウンに向かうまでににキャンプ場もたくさんありました。
b0127870_11413915.jpgThe closer we got to Sedona, the huge red Rocky Mountains could be seen. The view and the scenery were spectacular! It seemed like Sedona was called “Red Rock Country”. There were many camping sites on the way to Sedona’s downtown near where my hotel was booked.

The hotel in downtown was pretty good, not only the beautiful hotel atmosphere but also the good service provided by the hotel workers. The hotel I stayed in was here. http://www.amararesort.com/
Including breakfast, it was $140 +tax + resort fee $20 per room.


b0127870_1143241.jpgAs soon as I asked to keep my baggage to the hotel, I went to a tour agency and joined one of their tours, which was a 3-hour 4WD jeep tour. Only 2 seats were available that day. Luckily! This tour was also recommended by my friend at the travel agency. We went around many beautiful spots in Sedona by Jeep, sometimes scrambling up a cliff. This tour price was about $120. It felt a bit expensive, but it was absolutely worthwhile!
The tour company’s homepage is below.

 We could find out by this tour that there were so many excellent views in Sedona. Only picture could not truly show the magnificence though.

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2日目 グランドキャニオン→アンテロープ→モニュメントバレー

懸賞 2009年 09月 16日 懸賞

2日目 グランドキャニオン→アンテロープ→モニュメントバレー
Day2: Grand Canyon →Antelope Canyon →Monument Valley

We got up early in the morning and went to Mothers Point to see the sun rise. Since that was a popular place to see the sunrise, so many people stood by watching it. Unfortunately, it was rainy that day, so we couldn’t see it clearly.

After that, we left Grand Canyon and took a drive to Antelope Canyon. There were a lot of excellent view points on the way to Antelope Canyon.


ある問題が発生するまで、偉大なアメリカの自然の中のドライブを楽しんでいたのです、、が、問題が、、、ナビが案内した道が、長―い(約60km)の舗装されてない道、4WDのみが通れる感じの道でした。プリウスで突っ切ろうかと思って16kmほど進んでみたけど、もしどこかでスタックしたら(そのぐらいヤバい道だった)どうしようもすることができない。(店も家も何もないし) ということで、舗装道路までひきかえし、別の道を使ってアンテロープに向かいました。なんて変な道を教えるナビかいな!実は、アンテロープはツアーの車だけが中に入れるので、ツアーの予約をしていたのでした。自分の車では、入ることができません。。。 とにかく、なんとかして間に合いました。

Until we had a problem, we had enjoyed ourselves driving in the great American nature. The trouble was…. The road that the navigation led us on was a long (about 40miles) unpaved road, and only a 4WD was able to pass it. We were wondering if we would be able to go through this road in the Prius and tried to drive about 10 miles. But, if the car had gotten stuck somewhere, we wouldn’t have been able to do anything. (There are no store and no house around there.)
Eventually, we went back to the paved road, and rushed to Antelope Canyon using another way.  What a ridiculous navigation system! Actually, we had a reservation for the sightseeing tour at Antelope Canyon. Only tour cars could enter Antelope. You couldn’t go using your own car. Anyway, we were somehow able to get there in time.

Antelope Canyon was also beautiful and fantastic. They were narrow canyons and were formed by flash floods and Erosion. That was well worth watching!

After Antelope, we went to Monument Valley. The closer there got , we could see it from far away, and we got excited ourselves.b0127870_2004299.jpg

One hotel had just been inside the Monument Valley Park last year, which is only hotel inside there, and we were able to stay that hotel. The excellent view could be seen all day long from all of the balconies. Great!
The food in this hotel restaurant didn’t seem good though.


I wanna tell you one thing. You were prohibited from drinking alcohol there because in that area you had has to be obeyed the Navajo Nation laws. As you know, I love beer, so I couldn’t put up with not drinking it…….
Either way, I had a really fun time on the second day as well!

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Labor day trip 1日目グランドキャニオン(Day1 :Grand Canyon)

懸賞 2009年 09月 13日 懸賞

Day 1 Grand Canyon


September 4th was a National holiday called Labor day, so I went on a trip again to Grand Canyon, Monument valley and Sedona.
I got to Phoenix airport at about 10am and took 3 and half hours from Detroit. Fortunately, my seat was upgraded to first class, so we were able to have breakfast on the plane!
But unfortunately, the baggage turn table was out of order, so plane the passengers had to wait to pick up the baggage for about 1 hour. It was a waste of time!

After I picked my baggage up, I rented a car, which I had already reserved. I knew that I had to drive a long distance for this trip, so I can rent a Prius, which is good for fuel consumption.
Then, I started to go to Grand Canyon National Park. It took about 4 hours by car to get there.

As soon as I reached the scenic point, the superb view of Grand Canyon jumped into my eye! Of course, I´ve seen pictures of the Grand Canyon before, however, the spaciousness was much bigger than I thought! Impressive! Nature in the US relaxed me, and I felt ridiculous having small problems every day.


There were shuttle buses for going around the park, so if you didn’t have enough physical strength, you could use a bus for sightseeing.
However, I walked on the trail called Rim trail for 2 hours and stopped by a couple of viewpoints.

On the way walking, I came across elks! So big!

Then, I waited for the sunset view at a good viewing point for 30 minutes.

After we saw the sun set, I returned back to the lodge in the park I booked. The lodge was cleaner than I had thought. It didn't have a bath tub though.
Then, I went to a restaurant park outside. The food at this restaurant was not so good…

I tried to see the sun rise from one of the famous scenic points, Mather's Point, and went to Monument Valley the next day!

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懸賞 2009年 09月 08日 懸賞

I had two golf competitions with the same friend. One of them was a one-to-one competition. We had it two weeks in a row, and I beat her in both games with close score! Our level was quite similar. The golf styles were pretty different though. Next week we will have a re-match!

The other one was a couple-to-couple competition, and we had it the weekend before last. This was the 2nd time for us since we had had it the first time in May.

About my result, my golf was horrible. It was as if I was a beginner. The score has become the worst within the last four years. Of course, my couple totally lost due to my bad score even thought Su-san played a good game.
In the middle of the back nine, I couldn’t concentrate on the golf because I was disappointed in myself. What a mental sport!

This is because I told "My golf condition was too bad" in the last entry in this blog.

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懸賞 2009年 09月 02日 懸賞

I went to my close friend's house after work. Other 2 friends joined me.
Actually, we were supposed to play golf today, but it was cancelled because my current golf condition was too bad. Sorry------------
So, we had a dinner party in place of golfing.


Surprisingly, a friend of mine prepared a handmade cake with candles! That was for my birthday!
WOW! The age that those candles showed was not my actual age on purpose. She was funny! I try to keep my mind young
Although my birthday was about a month ago, I was soooooo happy when I saw this cake!

Also, they gave me a birthday card in which the messages was written.
I felt a bit embarrass to read the card in front of them, so I read it after I got back home. Impressive! Thank you so much!

This is a picture of my friend's dog.

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