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懸賞 2009年 08月 31日 懸賞

I had a coincidental a lucky encounter the other day. A friend of mine invited me to have dinner with her acquaintance, who is working at my old company. Even though he was working there when I was there, the company had many employees, so I had not known him until that day.

As we talked with each other, I learned that he knows about my old boss and my old colleagues. I really yearned to see them, and I felt “What a small world!”

I liked my old company so much, and the company taught everything I know. I respected my bosses. Even though I had a weird personality and was a bit immature, they trained me with patience. I really appreciated them.

I tried many things in Michigan, but I have not done my best here compared with what I did in Japan. I don’t do anything here, even if my friends are proud me that I do my best. Although I have many things I want to try, it is very difficult to get out of my shell. As I get older, I am afraid of making a mistake.
However, I should just take a step forward to the future.

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懸賞 2009年 08月 28日 懸賞

Michigan summer is almost over. It has recently been chilly every morning.
That is really sad!!
This summer is not as hot as a normal michigan summer though..

Also, my class will start next week. It makes me feel negative.
I'm afreid of the upcoming days that I have to do many assignments..


by pondeyo | 2009-08-28 12:40 | 家・生活

フリントで16キロマラソン Flint crim festival 10mile run 

懸賞 2009年 08月 24日 懸賞

I participated in a race in Flint, which took about for 50 minutes by car from my house, for the second time this year. The distance was 10mile(16km) with my colleague and his friend.
When I lived in Japan, I had run full-marathon, about 26mile(42.195kn) and half-marathon, about 13mile(21.0975km). But, for the last 4 years, I joined only the 6mile (10km) races, so this race was the longest race since I moved to Michigan. I didn’t have any confidence to run completely.

The colleague I joined it with has recently been having a little his knee problem, so we talked with each other the day before the race in the office.
” I’ve never had such a nervous feeling before a race!”
”Me neither!”
Either way, we both went to Flint though….

This race was quit big. A lot of runners participated in it, and I was able to see clearly that there were many high-level runners.
The race course had many up-slopes in the first 6 miles. I felt I almost died. But, the last 4 miles had some gentle down hills. Those down hills helped me out!

When I got to the finish line, my time was really better than I expected. This is because the pace that many runners around me ran was matched my pace, so I was able to follow them. My ranking was 199th out of 3920 female runners.
Of course, my colleague was able to finish as well.

Unfortunately, when I got back home and took a shower, I had lots of rash in my body. I could tell by them that my body got much more exhausted than I felt. Maybe I was trying too hard. My next marathon is in October and it’s a half-marathon(13 miles) though....
I have to practice to achieve the next race!

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スペイン旅行(その6最後)Trip to Spain(No6 Final)

懸賞 2009年 08月 19日 懸賞

Day6: Barcelona

We went to Sagrada Familia, which has the most famous of Gaudi’s work. As you know, it has been under construction since 1882, and we are not sure when it will completed.
The goal is to have it completed by 2026, yet it was said that the completion would be in 2256 in the recent prediction. It has been a long time since it was first built, so the renovation has taken place at the same time as well. It is little bit strange that building new tower and renovation coincided with each other, isn’t it ?

Look at this unique decoration! Is it church?

We had to wait for 45 minute to go up to Sagrada Familia by elevator. I was not able to see a good view even though I went to the top of it though.

After visiting Sagrada Familia, we went to one of the Caudi’s work ”Casa Mila”. I used to be an apartment. The roof was very unique. Interesting!



Other than them, we rode a gondola that had a view of Barcelona.

Spanish people were very fashionable and hansome and cute! I think Spanish people are much more good-looking than Michignaders… I told you about only sightseeing in this blog, but actually I bought 3 outfits on this trip!

The final dinner was Paella again! Off course, that was so delicious! We ate too much food every day! After I get back to Michigan, I definitely have to start to run again…

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スペイン旅行(その5) Trip to Spain (No5)

懸賞 2009年 08月 19日 懸賞

Day 5: Sevilla→ Barcelona

We went to the Square of Spain (Plaza de Espagna) in the morning. There was another Square of Spain in Madrid. Why do many cities in Spain have the “Square of Spain”??? Oh, well… there were 58 benches for all 58 cities of Spain in the Square of Spain of Sevilla. Each bench was decorated each city’s unique feature using tiles.

After that we also went Alcazar sightseeing.

I am little bit confusing when I am just looking many pictures now. I'vealready forgotten about what is Alcazar...

We moved to Barcelona by plane in the afternoon. Even I , who has a lack of artistic taste, had known about Sagrada Familia, so I was looking forward to visiting to Barcelona. The fact that Sagrada Familia was made by Gaudi is well-known, but there is not only that, but also many buildings that were made by him in Barcelona, such as Parc Guell and Casa Mila.


After we checked in at the hotel, we went to see one of Gaudis works, Guell Park (Parc Guell).
I could enjoy seeing many things with unique figures. This park was really big,so I was exhausted while I was walking. Actually, I am good at running, but don’t like walking.

b0127870_7163778.jpg ヨットハーバーの横にあるレストランで、この旅行最初のパエリアを食べました。美味い! 
We went to the restaurant next to yacht harbor and had Paella for the first time on this trip. Delicious! The main ingredient of Paella is usually rice, but one kind of Paella was made from Noodles. That’s also YUMMY! That became my dad’s favorite! My sister’s friend joined the dinner, so we were able to have a good time.


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スペイン旅行 その4 Trip to Spain No4

懸賞 2009年 08月 15日 懸賞

4日目 グラナダ→セビーリャ
Day4: Granada →Sevilla

The most famous sightseeing place in Granada was Alhambra palace. Many tourist visit their every day, so the ticket center had a long line every day. Since my sister had reserved the tour of Alhambra palace at 9:30am beforehand, we were able to go inside without any problems.

The main building was Palacios Nazaries The wall had a unique decoration called “the crown of Islamic art” by one of the guide books.

This is a picture of the courtyard in Palacios Nazaries. The building was reflected clearly on the surface of the water.

This is Generalife that was located at the most east side in Alhambra. The Generalife is one of the oldest surviving Moorish gardens.

Alhambra palace was pretty big. Actually, my dad and I were getting tired as we were walking the entire place.

This is Alcazaba. I was not sure what it was at that time, so I checked a guidebook before writing this blog. Alcazaba used to be a military fortress!

This picture is the palace of Carlos V. All of them were in the Alhambra palace. We spent 3 and half hours there.

This picture is of the view from Alhambra palace.

セビーリャのメインポイントは、スペインで一番大きい大聖堂。しかーし、着いたのは土曜の夜7時。中に入るのは土曜は5時まで。そして翌日日曜は、開くのが2:30PMからとのこと。日曜は1時のフライトでバルセロナに移動することになっているので、中には入れませんでした(;O;) ということで、写真は外から。

After Alhambra, we went to Sevilla by bus. It took about 3 hours.
The main point in Sevilla is a cathedral, which is the biggest in Spain. BUT, we arrived there at around 7pm on Saturday. The sightseeing inside cathedral closed at 5pm. Also, it opened at 2:30 on Sunday. Since we had to go to Barcelona at 1pm on Sunday, we were not able to see inside.
These pictures are of the images.

Surprisingly, a modern street train ran next to the cathedral. That seemed mismatch…

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スペインり旅行その3 Trip to Spain No.3

懸賞 2009年 08月 14日 懸賞

Day 3: Cordoba → Granada(Stay)
We went to Cordoba by an express train, called AVE. it was like the Japanese bullet trains. These are picutures of Atocha station and the train I rode.

Inside train, it was cleaner than I expected. Each seat had an electrical outlet, and also we were able to see a TV program using earphone.
Even though there was entertainment, I fell asleep for a moment…..

The main sightseeing point in Cordoba was a mosque, called Mezquita, and it was also one of the world heritages.
Mezquita was built in about 600 A.D.for the palace for the Muslims. However, after Cordoba was invaded, this Mosque was turned into a church for Catholics. So, inside Mezquita, it showed both Islam and Christianity styles.

There were a bunch of column, whose numbers were over 1000. To see it with my own eyes was really overwhelming. I was not sure how much of the original Isram church building remained though…

After Mezquita, I went to a couple of sightseeing points.
This is the picture of the garden of Alcazar.

One of good lasting impressions for me was the food we had in Cordoba. We had lunch at the tapas, like appetizer, restaurant my sister had checked by Internet beforehand. All of the dishes were delicious! Thank you for the research!
The food was always more interesting than the historical places for me…………………..
b0127870_10455459.jpg b0127870_19565878.jpg

After we finished sightseeing in Cordoba, we went to Granada by bus. It took about 2 and half hours, and OF COURSE, I fell asleep the moment I got on the bus.

When we arrived at Granada, it was time for dinner, so we tried out the tapas and beer at various bars. It was a common style for Granada that visiting many bars in one night was a common style for Granada. Whenever we ordered one beer, one tapas(like appetizer ) was given for free, which means if we had 3 beers at 3 different bars, we could get 3 dishes for free! That was very reasonable!
And,,, also 3 days so far, we had had too much to eat and to drink…………

b0127870_1031358.jpg b0127870_1033939.jpg

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スペイン旅行(その2) Trip to Spain(No2)

懸賞 2009年 08月 10日 懸賞


b0127870_21461140.jpgDay 2: Madrid and Toledo
In the morning, we went to the Palace in Madrid. That was the official residence of the King of Spain. Going inside and go upstairs, I was able to see many rooms. The gorgeous room let me breathe a sigh of relief. Surprisingly, there were 2700 rooms there. Of course, all of them were not open to the public though.
Even so, ancient people made such absolutely gorgeous building, didn’t they?


After visiting the palace, we moved on to Toledo by bus. Because Michigan doesn’t have t any public transportation, I felt a bit happy riding bus. I took a nap on the bus though.

We visited a cathedral. There were many paintings of El Greco.


After that, we moved on to “Parador de Toledo” by taxi, which was located a bit far away from downtown.
The most excellent point there was to be able to see the view as Toledo city; it looked like a beautiful painting. This view is listed as one of the world heritage.
People could have tea in the cafeteria of one of the hotels that used to be a palace even though they did not stay there. We had some beer with a great view.( Sorry, not coffee, I wants to have beer!)

After that, I got back to Madrid by bus. The bus ran once every 30 minutes, but you should check the time table just in case if you use it.

We had a big dinner in Madrid as well as the first day. I knew I had had too much food though…

We moved on to Coldoba the next day.

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スペイン旅行(その1) Trip to Spain(No1)

懸賞 2009年 08月 09日 懸賞

I had a week off and went on a trip to Spain with my family. My sister speaks Spanish fluently and she totally guided us on all of the famous places in Spain. Also, she knows all there is to know about Spain. Actually, I was very surprised at her Spanish skill. It was excellent!
Anyway, I will let you know about the places we went to.
We were walking so much, and the temperature was often more than 40 Celsius! (104 Fahrenheit)It couldn’t avoid getting a tan……….


b0127870_21282061.jpgDay 1: Madrid
I went to Prado museum ( Museo del Prado), right after I got to Spain and put the suitcase in the hotel. It had some of the most important art collections in the world. One of the famous paintings was Las Meninas.

Next I went to Queen Sofia museum(Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia)
There was the famous Piccaso painting,”Guernica”. Even though I did not have an artistic taste, I was impressed by Gurenica!


After going on a tour of the museum, we went to dinner at about 9pm. Spanish people usually have dinner between 9pm and 11pm, so the restaurant was very full at that time.( Lunch time is usually around 2pm.)

I worn out from jet lag on this day, so the moment I got back to the hotel, I fell asleep.

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懸賞 2009年 08月 05日 懸賞

自分たちで作ってもらいました( ^)o(^ )
I had Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki party for my American colleagues.
All of them had already had them, but they didn’t know how to make them.
I told them the ingredients and I let them try to make it on their own.

They were able to make Okonomiyaki and it tasted delicious.
However, when it comes to Takoyaki, they struggled with making it. I totally forgot to take the pictures…

Although many Japanese foods are not preferred by American people, Okonomiyaki is always popular.
As you know, I am from Osaka. I believe that most Osaka people can make Okonomiyaki ever since they are burned.
Anyway, It was very fun to make it excellent.

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