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懸賞 2009年 07月 28日 懸賞

I wanna continue to tell you about Michigan’s summer.
Like I said, the weather is more comfortable than the one in Japan. Besides this, we can get a lot of fruit at very reasonable prices.


This many Cherries (3lbs about 1.5kg) is about $5(約500円).
Strawberries 1 pack (bigger than a Japanese container) about $1.5(\150). Japanese strawberries are sweeter than Americans ones though.

Very delicious Melon is about $1.5(look like mask melon)

Big mango 9pcs $6(\600) (I can’t have so many mangos though.)

Many kind of pears, blueberries , plums and much more. All of them are reasonable for us. Michigan has most of the fruits that Japan has.

Not only fruits, but all of the American foods were good beyond my stereotype in Japan. The are surely greasy, but they are yummy!
That’s why people who live in Michigan gain weight not to mention me…….

by pondeyo | 2009-07-28 19:44 | 家・生活

ミシガンの夏 Michigan's summer

懸賞 2009年 07月 23日 懸賞

I’d like to tell my Japanese friends about Michingan’s summer.
In a word,” Michigan’s summer is better than Japan’s.“
Of course, this is in regards to the weather and the outdoor activity, not the urban-area. I’m urban-oriented, so I wish Michigan had more cities.

Back to the story, Japan is very humid and hot in summer, ins’t it? Michigan has low humidity, so I feel dry every day.
We are not uncomfortable even on the days when the temperature is greater than 90°F.
The strong sun causes skin damage, so I definitely try to avoid getting a tan though. I always wear a bitg hat to avoid getting tan, so my American friends often laugh at me. Who cares!

あと、ミシガンの夏は日が長くで、夜の9時半ごろまで明るいです。先週会社終わってから、6時スタートで18ホールゴルフ回ってきました( ^)o(^ ) 日が長い理由は。アメリカはサマータイムを導入しているで、サマータイムの意味はお昼の時間を増やすためにその期間は1時間時計を早めさせることです。日本でも導入したらいいのにな。。。夜遅くまで遊べるだけじゃなくて省エネにもつながるしね。太陽の光があったら部屋の電気つけなくてもいいでしょ。
And also, the days are longer in Michigan’s summer, it’s still daylight out until about 9:30pm. I played 18-round-golf starting 6pm, after work last week! The reason for the long days is because the U.S. uses daylight savings time. Daylight saving time is when we move the clocks forward by one hour in the summer to increase the number of daylight hours. I think Japan should utilize this because not only can we hang out until late in the evening, but also we can save energy. In the bright sunlight, we don’t have to turn on a room light, do we?

Michigan’s summer lasts only for about 5 months from April to September, and fall and spring is very short. The rest of year, the terrible winter comes ……

by pondeyo | 2009-07-23 11:36 | 気候

ベイビーシャワー Baby Shower

懸賞 2009年 07月 17日 懸賞

I went to old colleague’s baby shower, and it was my first time to go to one.
A “Baby shower” is when friends and relatives have a party for a mother who is pregnant, and they give her gifts and play games.

Mothers can request gifts for baby she wants beforehand. As soon as the baby is born, she can use them. Usually in Japan, we give a gift after the baby is born, so I was a bit confused when I heard about the baby shower system here. But, I think it is a very convenient way for mothers.

That party was a potluck style, so I brought a shrimp salad.

Basically, the baby shower should take place before the baby is born, so this party was no exception…BUT
Her baby had already been born 2 months prematurely. Nobody who attended this party knew this situation, so everybody was surprised! Because the baby was in an infant incubator in a hospital, we couldn’t meet her.

These pictures are of us playing game. One of them was the competitive drinking using a baby bottle. The other was picking up pins up in the rices.

Best wishes!

by pondeyo | 2009-07-17 12:30 | イベント

フロリダ・ディズニー・ワールド FL Disney World

懸賞 2009年 07月 11日 懸賞

There was a National Holiday called Independence Day on July 4th in America. July 4th was on a Saturday this year, so July 3rd was the actual holiday in the place of 4th,which means the holiday weekend lasted 3 days in a row, I went to Disney World in Florida.

I was very busy for some reason these days, so I could not learn about Disney World beforehand. I ended up being able to go there though.

I used the travel package called “Disney magical Express “and “Disney Dining Plan” on this trip. Actually, a friend of mine who is working at a travel agency asked me to research whether this package was beneficial or not, so I had to verify them and express my honest feeling about them after traveling.

Florida Disney World has many theme parks, probably total 6 or 7 parks, and one of them, called Magic Kingdom is like Tokyo Disney Land.
I’ve been to Tokyo Disney Land many times when I was young, so I chose other parks, whose names were Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studio.

「ディズニー・ハリウッドスタジオ/Holleywood studio」

I wanna tell you about the benefit of “Disney magical Express “. It is good for people who use airplanes and stay at Disney official hotels. Even if we keep baggage at the airport , we don’t have to pick them up from a turn table at an arriving airport. As long as the “Disney magical Express tag” is put on them, they are delivered to each hotel. Also, we get free shuttle bus service from the airport to the hotel.
These are the pictures of the Disney Magical Express voucher and a shuttle bus.

You might think that official Disney hotels are very expensive. But, they have a wide range of price. Just to let you know, I stayed at one of the cheapest official hotels, which cost $120 per room. It was reasonable, isn’t it? Of course, they had many expensive hotels though.
These pictures are of the hotel I stayed.

Next, let me tell you about the “Disney Dining Plan”.
There were three types of dining plans, so I used one of them whose price is $40 on this trip. It included 3 types of meal. One of them was a table service meal with an entrée, a beverage, and a dessert. The second one was a fast food with an entrée, a beverage, and a dessert. Finally, one wagon snack, such as popcorn and ice cream, was provided.(Of course, I got some beer with extra money.)

We could choose any restaurant among many of them. My friend said a reservation was needed for table service dinner. When I went to an information center to make a reservation, a Japanese worker was there! How helpful it was! Many guides of various countries were working there for foreign customers. We can choose the restaurant not only inside the theme parks, but also outside.
I had dinner at the hotel near Animal Kingdom on the second night. Surpirisingly, many unconfined pets such as giraffe and ostrich, were in the courtyard of the hotel.


食べ物は全部、観光地価格で普通より高いので、この「40ドル」は実にお得。私はよく食べる人なので、たくさんの料理をおいしく味わうことができました。写真は私が食べたもの。このプランのおかげで、旅行中はずっとお腹いっぱい( ^)o(^ ) 
The “$40” was really beneficial because all of the restaurants cost more expensive than a usual restaurant. I was a big eater, so I was able to enjoy many meals. These are of the pictures of foods I ate. Thanks to this plan, I was always full while on this trip.




3つのテーマパークで殆どの乗り物にも乗りました。 あるブログ(下記アドレス参照)が全部のパークの乗り物の詳細を書いてくれてます。これを見てみてー。
I tried most theme-park rides in those 3 parks. One of the blogs that I attached the blog address below shows the details of all the parks. Please refer to this blog.

Actually,I’m not interested in Disney; nonetheless, I was able to have a good time there.

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懸賞 2009年 07月 03日 懸賞

I went to my friends engage party last weekend. One of my friends made a celebration cake for them. She has been a friend since I worked at a restaurant with her. We sometimes go to a bar and drink while chatting. She has been here for about 10 years, so she is very reliable for me. She is much younger than me though…

I was introduced to him by her about one and half years, and right now he is also a good friend for me. He cooks very well, so I envy her.
(Su-san cannot cook at all……………….)

They’ll have their wedding party next February. Sounds good for newly-married couple! I wish them good luck. I completely forget about my newlywed days. Too long ago…

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