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懸賞 2009年 06月 29日 懸賞

先週アメリカ人の友達が、サーモンBBQに招待してくれました。このサーモンは彼自身が釣ってきたもの。写真撮るの忘れちゃったけど・・・ 今まで外でBBQしたことなかったし、釣りたての魚をミシガンで食べたことがなかったので、ヒジョーに楽しかった。サンキュ!
Last week, my American friend invited me to have grilled salmon. He caught them himself. I forgot to take a picture though. I’ve never been to an outside BBQ in the US or had freshly caught fish in Michigan. I really had a fun time. Thank you.

Also the other day, my colleague came over to bring three kinds of butter. Of course I’d never tried them and each flavor of butter is yummy.

2年間ここに住んでいるけど、まだ試したことがないものがいっぱいあるのだけど、アメリカ人の友達が いろいろ教えてくれます。どうもありがとう!
Even though I’ve been here for 2 years, there are many things I’ve never tried. Many American friends tell me about things I’ve ever known. Thank you very much.

In contrast, I feel I can’t help anyone, not only outside, but also at work. I’ve been working at the office as an engineering assistant for more than 1year. However, there are many things I have not learned yet but I should already understand. I sometimes feel down.
Although one of my main responsibilities is to support them using a CAD program, I still have not learned some of the functions. I sometimes wanna give my opinion in meetings, but I can’t say anything due to my English skill. I think as an assistant, the more knowledge and skill I have, the more helpful I become. I have to become a literal assistant.

Anyway, thank you very much for giving me many wonderful experiences.

by pondeyo | 2009-06-29 03:53 | 家・生活


懸賞 2009年 06月 25日 懸賞

One thing disappointed me last month. That was my TOEIC result.(TOEIC: Test of English for International Communication)

As I had mentioned this blog before, I took the first TOEIC in the US last November. The score was much higher than the one I had gotten in Japan. And then, I tried it again a month ago.
The latest score was similar to the one from November. That was far beyond my expectations. This might be an envious dilemma comparing the score I got in Japan though……

I have been studying English as much as I can. I’m working at the office among many American employees while taking English classes. Although my communication skill might have improved, my TOEIC score was plateaued.

Probably, one of the reasons I can’t get a good TOEIC score is because of my personality…… I always get distracted. I hate reading(even Japanese books). I don’t like listening( even to Japanese) I like taking though……….

A friend of mine who took the TOEIC with me this time got about 100 points higher than mine. She is a good-listener, and she likes reading and watching English movies. She is smart!!!

Anyway, my personality is my personality. It can’t be helped.
There are still many problems trying to improve my English ability. So, the only thing I can do is to try harder.

by pondeyo | 2009-06-25 20:10 | 学校・英語


懸賞 2009年 06月 19日 懸賞

I told you before in this blog that I gave up on improving golf last year, yet I have practiced hard since April this year.

The thing I wanted most was new golf clubs until last week. Actually, I have not had a Pitching Wedge since last fall. I left it somewhere last year. I want to get not only a pitching wedge, but all of the clubs. Also, I wanted to learn golfing from a proper lesson pro.

Then, last Saturday, I ended up getting the iron sets…. And also, I’ve already made a reservation a golf lesson.

Why did I change my mind you ask? There are some reasons.
One is I don’t wanna lose my close friend! I played golf with a friend of mine whose athletic talent was probably lower than mine, but her golfing was excellent. Her golf skill showed her intelligent personality. I have had a good athletic skill since I was kid, but my athletic skill has nothing to do with my golf skill.

Another reason is I don’t wanna lose my previous colleague in Japan. Whenever I went back to Japan, they invited me to go golfing, but each time, I lost to them… They were wondering if my golf level was lower than the one I had had in Japan.

Anyway, I have to practice!!

by pondeyo | 2009-06-19 20:08 | ゴルフ


懸賞 2009年 06月 14日 懸賞

I went to Comerica park, which is the Detroit Tigers’s home ground to watch a baseball game with my American friends. That game was Detroit Tigers vs Boston Redsocks and Dice-K Matsuzaka was the pitcher on this game.
Our seat was outfield and very far from pitching mound, so I couldn’t take Dice-K’s picture though…

It was my first time to go to a baseball with only American friend, not including a Japanese friend, so I was so excited not only to be watching the baseball, but to be watching like Americans. What’s the right word…… I’m gonna try to explain the “like Americans ”.

一緒に行った友達は「典型的な」アメリカ人。1人の友達のピックアップトラックで連れて行ってもらいました。タイガースのユニフォームも貸してくれました。コメリカパークに着いたら、やっぱり食べるのはフライドポテトとフライドチキンという、典型的なジャンクフード。 いざ国歌が流れたら、帽子を取って歌に耳を傾けます。そして観戦中は、ずっとテンションハイ。普通の日本人の中では、私もテンション高い方なので、ちょうどよかったです。
My friends were TYPICAL American. I was taken there by pick-up truck. I was borrowed one of the Detroit Tigers uniforms. Once we got to Comerica park, we had junk food, Fried chickens and French fries. When the national anthem was sung, they were to take off their caps and listened to it. Watching baseball, they were always energetic. Compared to normal Japanese, I am also an energetic person, so it was very comfortable for me.

Unfortunately, Detroit Tigers lost the game, but I had a great time. I hope that they sometimes invite me to something else to have fun the American way. Anyway, although my English was not good enough to communicate with them, they got along with me. I appreciated them.

by pondeyo | 2009-06-14 06:55 | イベント


懸賞 2009年 06月 08日 懸賞

I participated in a 10 K race last week. It was my 3rd time to join this race.

I wanna say the result first, my ranking was 28th out of all 876 women. My time was the 2nd fastest of all my records!

Most of the songs I heard while running were Eminem’s. I was wondering if his songs would be good for my running.

One of the colleagues also joined this race. Her race was Half Marathon though. It was her first time to join it, but her half-marathon time was really good! It was almost my best time for the half marathon.
She is an athlete for Taekwondo and plays Frisbee, so she often works out . We promised to participate in another race together , but I don’t wanna lose to her…………

Anyway, the other marathons I will join are in August and in October. The distance of these two are longer than the one of this marathon. I have to practice to get a good time.

by pondeyo | 2009-06-08 07:38 | ジム・走る


懸賞 2009年 06月 04日 懸賞

The second day of this trip, I went to Yosemite National Park. It took 3 and half hours by car from downtown San Francisco to the park entrance.


First, I wanna tell you my opinion using one word.
Yosemite is” Wonderful!!” It was many crowded there though.
Once I get a ticket to enter the park, I could stay there for 7 days.

I didn’t check Yosemite‘s information beforehand, so I didn’t know what Yosemite had and what the famous points of Yosemite were. Actually Yosemite was known as the valley and for its beautiful view and many falls.
I’ll introduce Yosemite’s view with pictures. Only pictures can’t tell enough the about Yosemite though…
This is a picture from Gracier Point, which is the top point for viewing.

This is a picture of Yosemite falls. They consisted of three falls.

This picture is of Mirror Lake.

There are many excellent points other than these.

I stayed at a hotel outside of the park, but there are some hotels inside as well. There are many camping and hiking sites, so some people seemed to stay for a long time. The ticket was valid for 7 days, wasn’t it?

by pondeyo | 2009-06-04 12:21 | 旅行/カリフォルニア