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懸賞 2010年 07月 02日 懸賞

Today’s topic is about Zion National Park as I announced.

Today’s topic is about Zion National Park as I announced.
All of the views in Zion National Park were , What’s the right word.… , “ COOL! Fabulous!”

The guide book said there is one popular trekking course called “Narrows” that has you walking in the river, so I tried to go there.
Unfortunately, it was closed due to the cold water temperature and rapid flow. Some people went despite it being prohibited though. I tried to put my foot in the water, but it was TOO cold. Even if it had not been closed, I couldn’t have gone to Narrows…

Because I couldn’t go to Narrows, I decided to go on one of the hiking courses. The guide book said, ”It is a great hiking course, but don’t forget it’s tough and the last part of the hiking course is very dangerous.”


Literally, it was sooo tough. Also at the last part was really dangerous course as the book said. I had to climb it while grabbing a chain.

These pictures are the flowers that I found while trekking.

However, once I got to the top, I really felt a sense of achievement!
Please try it if you visit!!

I have to tell you about the way to get around in Zion NP.
Only shuttle buses are available to move throughout Zion NP even though we had gone there by car in order to protect the natural environment, which meant people had to park their car at the parking lot and change to a shuttle bus to get around.
The bus was frequently coming, so it was not inconvenient.

泊ったホテルはブライスキャニオン同様、園内にあるザイオンロッジというホテル。ザイオンロッジに止まっているお客さんのみ、ロッジまでは 車で行けます。(ロッジの駐車場に止めて、バスで観光しないといけないのは同じ)
The hotel I stayed in was in the park called Zion Lodge same as I stayed in Brice Canyon. Only the customers who stay Zion Lodge could go to the lodge by car.( We had to park the car at the lodge and get a bus for sightseeing though. )
Zion Lodge was also excellent! I definitely recommend that you stay in the lodge in NP( both Bryce and Zion) . Both of the lodges were very popular, so it might be hard to get a reservation though.

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself on this the National Park trip!!
I strongly feel that I’m having a good experience in the US.

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懸賞 2010年 06月 29日 懸賞

I have been crazy about visiting National Parks(NP) since I went to the Grand Canyon last year.
I went to Bryce Canyon NP and Zion NP the other day.
I think that many Japanese who temporally stay in the US like me often go on trips everywhere, but I’ve seldom heard about of my friends going there so far.
Let me tell you about Bryce and Zion on this blog.

On the 1st day, after work on Friday, I flew to Las Vegas and arrived at about 9:30. After picking up the baggage and getting a rental car, I got to my hotel, Luxor which was in the Las Vegas Strip area, at 11:30… Even at 11:30, Las Vegas was still lively.

I wanted to hang out. However, I knew that I would have to leave early in the morning the next day, so I just stayed at the hotel and went to sleep….zzzz

On the next day(2nd day),I headed to Bryce canyon NP. It took about 4 and half hours by car.
On the way there , I went through Zion NP. I had already decided to visit Zion the next day, so I got a ticket and only passed through Zion though on that day.

通常、アメリカの国立公園の入場料は車1台25ドル(7日間有効) 私は今回のザイオン、ブライスだけじゃなく、別の国立公園に今年中に行く予定がすでにあるので、年間パス(アメリカの全ての国立公園に買った日から1年有効)を買いました。
Normally, the entrance fee for the National Park in the US is $25/car.(valid for 7 days) . I got an annual ticket $80 (valid for a year) because not only I visit Bryce and Zion this time, but also I already have another plan to go to NP later this year.

Anyway, I arrived at Bryce Canyon NP!
There are many excellent viewpoints there. Each of them had different good aspects.
I would rather show you many pictures instead of explaining it verbally.



There are also many trekking roads, so we can see the superb scenery not only from above, but from the same level. Trekking might be a bit tough, but there were both easy trekking courses and hard ones. You should definitely try to walk if you go there.



めちゃ幸せー( ^)o(^ )
The hotel I stayed in was in the NP, called Bryce Canyon Lodge. Although there were no TVs and cell phones couldn’t be connected around the area, it was very comfortable and clean. I got some food at the grocery store near the park and had dinner and beer on the deck. I felt sooooooooo happy( ^)o(^ ).

ところがどっこい。 素ん晴らしいーーーー!!!(@_@;) 次回に続く
The next day(3rd day), I left Bryce Canyon and went to Zion NP.
To be honest, I didn’t expect Zion to be much more than what I had seen at Bryce Canyon for some reason.
However, It was GREAT!!! (@_@;) To be continued..

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