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I took the TOEIC test for the 4th time in the US the other day. Including the times taken in Japan, I’ve had a lot of experience taking the TOEIC test. ( Taking the test occasionally was obligation for the workers when I was working at the previous company in Japan)

On the 3rd time a year and a half ago, I got a better score than I had experience. Now that my English had improved a bit compared with how it had been before ( I wanted to believe), my target this time was of course to get a higher score than the last one.
I didn’t study for “TOEIC English” at all this time, but I didn’t care about it so much.

While I was taking it, I recognized I couldn’t keep up a good pace of TOEIC. So, I kind a felt rushed and anxious throughout the test.

後になってスコアが郵便で送られてきて。。 1年半に取った点数と全くおんなじ。。
私の英語って1年半で全く伸びなし?? アメリカ人の中で働いてるのに??
Then, I got the score afterwards by mail. It was completely the one I had got a year and a half earlier…
Hasn’t my English imploded within the last year and a half even though I am working at the office with American colleagues??
I was disappointed..(‘;’)

To get a good TOEIC score, I believe you have to study for “TOEIC” if you are not a native speaker. There are definitely some tips for achieving a high score on the TOEIC. The more you try to take fake TOEIC tests, the more you get the hang on it. To keep up the pace is the important thing.

You sometimes say that getting a high TOEIC score doesn’t have anything to do with the fact you can speak English so well. I kind of agree with it. However, I really wanna get a job when I go back to Japan for good ( it might be next year…. ) . To get a good job related to English, a good TOEIC score will be required in Japan. The measure of English skill depends on the score there, so a getting high score is meaningful for my future.

Anyway, it was my fault that I didn’t get the scored I could be satisfied with, so I will try to take it again and prepare will.

by pondeyo | 2011-08-08 11:58 | 学校・英語

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