Trip to Up North Michigan(北ミシガンへの旅)最終日 Sleeping Bear Dune National Park

懸賞 2011年 05月 12日 懸賞


アップノース ミシガンの最終日は、スリーピング・ベア・ドューン 国立公園」に行きました。入場料が20ドル(車1台)必要です。その名(Dune)の通り“砂漠“です
On the final day of the northern Michigan trip, we went to Sleeping Bear Done National Park. The entrance fee was needed $20
It was an actual dune as its name suggested.

After climbing up the dune, you can see the beautiful lake view of the lake.


まだまだ登ってだんだん嫌になってきてます。I climbed the dune reluctantly.

Normally, if I am in a place like this, I go trekking or hiking. I usually use a lot of body energy. Since I was really tired this time (All my energy was gone from golfing the day before) Also, it was very windy again. In the end, I couldn’t reach the goal.

Walking from the starting point to the end of the dune, it seemed to take an hour and a half. After the walk, you can get the great view of Michigan Lake.
After walking for about 45 minutes, I could get the point where I could only see the part of the view, so I gave up moving forward this time. Hahaha
Not that I think about it, I should have gone to the goal point…. (;O;)

By the way, M-22 is a road that goes around Traverse City and Arcadia. It is popular in the fall as a great red leaves road. I really want to go on the famous Canadian fall leaves tour, but I might not have time to visit this year. Instead of that, I will definitely go on a M-22 sightseeing tour.

その時はまたゴルフやっちゃう? あら、10月のゴルフはまたまたディスカウント価格じゃございませんか!?
Look at this picture. All of the woods will have red leaves in the fall!! I am looking forward to coming over again.
At that time, why don’t I reserve the golf course again ?  Oh! the October golf rate is also at a discount, isn’t it!?

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